NeckNotes Guitar Trainer

NeckNotes Guitar Trainer for Acoustic and Electric guitars

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  • A Great Guitar Gift Idea! NeckNotes Guitar Trainer was created and is made in the USA! Our guitar notes fret guides are made for THE FULL GUITAR NECK all the way up to 24 frets--- Used to teach in Guitar Schools Worldwide "This product has made it unbelievably easier to learn to play guitar" -Ben Hochstein- Music Supervisor MTV Networks
  • The original, genuine NeckNotes Guitar Trainer guitar learning package and featured in Guitar World Magazine, NeckNotes Guitar Trainer is the "World's Best Guitar Training Aid!" --Refining our product since 2008, we use high quality materials and the perfect gentle adhesive to make sure our guitar instructors and students are happy. Durability, not damaging the guitar and not impacting note tone were the keys to our choices. No cheap materials or damaging hazardous glue used!
  • Each fret is numbered ON TOP where you can see....this makes it so guitar tab translates directly to the guitar neck as you are learning... from songs, scales, and bar chord positions to exercises and also makes following instruction videos much easier. Much Faster and Easier! Importantly, these are PRINTED TO READ RIGHT-SIDE-UP as you play! High quality material and double protective coated to resist wear.
  • Our guitar neck fret map note strips are designed for self-teaching or guitar lessons, following video lessons, translating guitar tablature, learning scales, improvising runs of notes up and down the neck, ear training and much more. Being able to see the entire layout of the neck at a glance helps to unlock the mystery of the fret board.
  • "NeckNotes is just plain simple and just plain Genius!" Christian Duguay- Berkeley School of Music, Mad TV Alumni, Producer MTV Networks. Ear training is easier if you sing the note names as you play them...for example when practicing see the note, play and sing the note as you hear the note and you can train your ear to recognize the individual notes and your voice to sing them. We also make NeckNotes for wide necked CLASSICAL "NeckNotes for Classical Guitar"