NeckNotes Guitar Trainer

NeckNotes Guitar Trainer Classical Edition

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  • For Classical Guitar "This product has made it unbelievably easier to learn to play guitar" -Ben Hochstein- Music Supervisor MTV Networks
  • Seeing the notes that make up the chords as you are playing a chord progression is a great way to know what notes will sound good with that chord progression.
  • Made with a HIGH QUALITY WEAR-PROOF material and designed with a black background to make the notes visually stick out. Each fret is numbered so that guitar tab translates directly to the guitar without having to stop to count the frets on each chord change. Much faster and easier.
  • Improvising runs of notes all over the neck is easy when you can see where all the notes are. You can change pitches on a run of notes easily.
  • We also make NeckNotes for Standard Guitars...Search "NeckNotes Guitar Trainer"......Ear training is easier if you sing the note names as you play them...for example when practicing see the note, play and sing the note as you hear the note and you can train your ear to recognize the individual notes and your voice to sing them.