Frequently Asked Questions


How useful are NeckNotes?  Will I become dependent on them?

Not likely.  NeckNotes are designed to aid in fretboard memorization and muscle memory development by giving an immediate reference where each note is, much like the letters on your computer's keyboard helped you learn to type.  You'll refer to them at first, but soon you'll be playing without looking at your hands at all.

Are NeckNotes easily removable?  Will they damage my guitar?

We use high quality adhesive to ensure NeckNotes come off in one piece without leaving any residue.  In rare cases a small amount of adhesive may be left after removal, but this is easily cleaned with a dry towel.  NeckNotes are not, however, recommended for use on guitars with a nitrocellulose finish (these include only a few high end and vintage guitars.)

Are they reusable?

NeckNotes are not reusable.  

Do I need to remove my guitar strings to apply them?

No, however it does make things easier to apply NeckNotes at the same time as a re-string.  That being said, they should slide under the strings without too much trouble.

Do NeckNotes go beyond the 12th fret?

Yes, each package includes stickers to cover up to the 24th fret.

Are NeckNotes available for left handed guitars, basses, alternate tunings?

Not at this time, however, we are looking into it : )

Will they fit on a 1/2 or 3/4 (child sized) guitar?

Yes, they will.